AVIA Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes

A beautiful aroma of blackberry, currants, herbs and spices with toasted oak notes marry well for a great overall impression. This is a wine of depth and rich full bodied flavors. 


CSPC + 801963
Vintage:  2016
Case:  12x750ml
Region:  Goriska Brda, Slovenia
Varietal:   100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol:  13.0%


Goriska Brda, Slovenia

Goriska Brda, Slovenia



Region Notes

Located at the foot of the Julian Alps, Brda finds itself wedged between snow-capped mountain peaks and sun-baked Adriatic coastline. The name Brda translates literally as 'hills', and the area fits snugly around the sub-alpine topography here. Just 72km separate the highest peak of the alps  from Montefalco on the Gulf of Trieste. Located half-way between the two, Brda experiences the climatic effects of each. 

Brda vineyards typically enjoy a warm environment, freshened by winds from either the sea or the Alps. Rainfall is higher here than on the coast, thanks to Brda's proximity to the sea.

The local geology means that the soils around Brda are mostly the product of orological erosion. Well-drained shale, marl and sandstone are common, and form often loosely-knit soils, making terracing necessary in many areas.

White wines are made in a distinctively fresh, crisp style reminiscent of the dry whites made in northern Italy.

Technical Notes

  • Height above sea level: 80 – 200 m
  • Fermentation: 100 % in stainless steel
  • Maturation: 50 % in stainless steel 50% French Oak