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CANTINE FALIESI   Campania, Italy

Cantine Faliesi is owned and operated by the Urciuolo brothers (a.k.a Marina's cousins), Antonello and Ciro, in the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius around the famed town of Naples. Theirs was the first Fiano D.O.C vineyard in Forino planted back in 1992. At that time Antonello and Ciro were just 20 and 23, but they were determined that to produce a wine with the family name. In 1996 their dream was realised, and the first Fratelli Urciuolo wines reached the Italian market -- and soon after they were recognized with The Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri award. Their range of wines feature the indigenous grapes of Campania and are available in Canada under the Cantine Faliesi label, named for the slopes of Mount Faliesi where the vineyards are located.

Campania Wine Regions

Campania Wine Regions

Out of the Ashes of Mt Vesuvius

One of Italy's oldest wine-growing regions, Campania dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman empires. It is home to an impressive array of indigenous grape varieties, many of which are not grown anywhere else on earth.  Mt Vesuvius blew her top back in 79 A.D., burying the neighbouring cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum under lava and suffocating ash. Centuries later, the rich volcanic soil combined with a hot Mediterranean climate make for wines of excellent character.

Fun fact: Campania is unique in that many of its vines are planted on their own rootstocks, whereas most of the world’s vines are grafted onto American rootstock in order to remain resistant to the destructive Phylloxera louse. It has been found that the pest struggles to survive in Campania’s volcanic soils.