Cantine Faliesi Arbosto Rosso


If the Arbosto Rosso was a person, she’d be a hot Italian model spending her free time on yachts off the Amalfi Coast. Made with classic varietals like Aglianico and Montepulciano you’ll be lured in by the exotic spice that’s intermingled with fragrances of blackberries and earth. It’s a total palate pleaser. And you don’t need a yacht to enjoy this!

AB CSPC +800271
BC CSPC +961243
Vintage: 2017
Case: 12x750ml
Region: Campania, Italy
Varietals: Montepulciano & Aglianico

Campania, Italy

Campania, Italy

Region Notes

One of Italy's oldest wine-growing regions, Campania dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman empires and is home to an impressive array of indigenous grape varieties, many of which are not grown anywhere else on earth.  The rich volcanic soil combined with a hot Mediterranean climate make for wines of excellent character.

Aglianico   \ahl ee YAH nee koe\

Sometimes referred to as “the Barolo of southern Italy,” Aglianico is known for being massively concentrated in flavour, with generous tannins. Noted for its chocolate and red fruit aromas, an Aglianico will outlive many of the wines in your cellar.

Montepulciano     \mon tae pul chee AH noh\

It’s rebellious and majestic,  reminiscent of underbrush with moist blackberry nuances, but then it lightens up, reaching unimaginable heights of fruity warmth, with sour-cherry flavors. Not to be confused with Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, which comes from the town of Montepulciano and is made primarly of Sangiovese.

Technical Notes

Vineyards: 15 years old
Soil: traces of volcanic ash and ancient clay
Altitude: 450 meters above sea level
Planting: approx. 4000 vines per hectare
Harvest: by hand, end of October
Winemaking: small batches, cold maceration, classic red vinification in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures  

Residual Sugar:
Production: 4,166 cases