Cantine Faliesi Breccia

CANTINE FALIESI "Breccia" Greco di Tufo DOCG

Tasting Notes

Aromatic notes of lemons, pears and toasted almonds, with beautiful stone fruit of peach and apricot on the palate with bright acidity and a lingering mineral finish

Greco di Tufo   \GREH ko dee TOO fo\   

Greco grapes from around the town of Tufo make the region's most prestigious white wine, and one of the very few white DOCG wines in Southern Italy. Cultivated since Roman times in Campania, the chalky soil of this volcanic region is evident in the wine, which combines a beautiful structure with pleasant mineral notes and a perfumed bouquet. 

CSPC +800270
Vintage: 2017
Case: 12x750ml
Region: Campania, Italy
Varietal: Greco

Campania, Italy

Campania, Italy

Region Notes

The Greco di Tufo DOCG region of Campania is located north of the Fiano di Avellino DOCG and includes the town of Tufo and seven other hillside communities. The region was elevated to a DOCG in 2003. Despite being a third of the size of the Fiano di Avellino DOCG, Greco di Tufo is the Campania's region largest producer of DOC quality wine. The vineyard soils of the region are derived from tuff, a rock formed from volcanic ash, after which the town ofTufo itself is named.

Technical Notes

Vineyards: 15 years old
Soil: mainly argillaceous limestone
Altitude: 500 meters above sea level
Planting: approx. 3,000 vines per hectare
Harvest: by hand, end of October
Winemaking: small batches, cold maceration, 3 months in stainless steel tanks on its lees at controlled temperatures  

Residual Sugar:
Production: 4,166 cases