Cantine Faliesi Falanghina Starza

CANTINE FALIESI "Starza" Falanghina IGT

Tasting Notes

Essence of orange peel and Anju pear permeate the nose and the palate along with fresh acitdity and a noticeable element of minerality thanks in large part to the volcanic soils of the area.

Falanghina   \fah lahn GHEE nah\

Another ancient varietal grown almost exclusively in the Campania region, the vines thrive in the porous volcanic soils around Mount Vesuvius and the warm Mediterranean climate. Falanghina wines are well structured, full-bodied and memorable thanks to the distinct and aromatic nose resembling orange peel and fresh kumquats. The name for the wine appears to derive from the Latin falangae, or stakes for supporting the grapes in a vineyard.


AB CSPC +800273
AB Case: 12x750ml
BC CSPC +870121
BC Case: 6x750ml
Vintage: 2017
Region: Campania, Italy
Varietal: Falanghina

Campania, Italy

Campania, Italy

Region Notes

One of Italy's oldest wine-growing regions, Campania dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman empires and is home to an impressive array of indigenous grape varieties, many of which are not grown anywhere else on earth.  The rich volcanic soil combined with a hot Mediterranean climate make for wines of excellent character.

Technical Notes

Vineyards: 15 years old
Soil: traces of volcanic ash and ancient clay
Production Area: Benevento, 250-300m above sea level
Planting:  A Spurred Cordon, with a yield per hectare of 80q, a yield in wine of 70%
Harvest: by hand, end of October
Winemaking: small batches, cold maceration, classic white vinification in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures  

Residual Sugar:
Production: 4,160 cases