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MANDRAROSSA   Sicily, Italy

Mandrarossa is a boutique arm of Settesoli, the most important wine Co-op in Menfi, Sicily.  The educational arm of the company invested years of intense research activity in the vineyard, discovering which varietals were best suited for each particular microclimate. Mandrarossa wines are estate grown in small, family run vineyards where respect for the environment and love for the land results in great quality wines.

Sicily, Italy

Sicily, Italy

Region & Vineyard Notes

Menfi is on the southwestern coast of Sicily, a unique and pristine area made up of rolling hills with different slopes, aspects and altitudes which combined with the types of soils, create many different terroirs, each ideal for a different variety. The environmental conditions at this latitude are ideal for the cultivation of grapes: the dry climate, the intense light, the influence of the sea breezes and the differences in temperatures by day and night, all combine in making the vineyards healthy and their grapes of great quality.