MONTEMAJOR  'Torre del Serpente' Negroamaro Salento

Tasting Notes - from Luca Maroni

"The wine is produced from 100% Negroamaro from Salento in Apulia. The grapes are harvested by hand at the end of August. After sorting and vinifying, the wine is aged in steel tanks for about 12 months after which the wine is further min. 6 months in bottle before release. The wine is aged exclusively in stainless steel tanks to preserve as much freshness and flavor of concentrated fruit as possible."

"The color is deep dark red. Bouquet is fairly intense, with lots of dark berries. The wine is very rich, both juicy and tasteful, with soft tannins. In both taste and aftertaste, it is the concentrated flavors of dark cherry that dominate, but there are also notes of spices and wild berries. The slight sweetness and fine tannins give a glorious long and soft aftertaste."


AB CSPC + 800277
BC CSPC +234206
Vintage:  2015
Case:  12x750ml
Region:  San Marzano, Puglia, Italy
Varietal:   100% Negroamaro
Alcohol: 14%



Puglia, Italy

Puglia, Italy

Negroamaro    /nay groh ah MAH roh/

Grown almost exclusively in Puglia, and at its finest in Salento, Negroamaro is valued for its deep colour, full tannins and dark berry fruit flavours with earthy tones. The warm Mediterranean-style climate here suits the variety well, allowing the vines to achieve optimum levels of ripeness. A relatively drought-hardy variety, it is rarely troubled by the area's limited rainfall.

'Torre del Serpente" or "Tower of the Serpent" is an ancient Salento watchtower on the coast at Ortanto overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Legend has it that during the night, while the soldiers allowed themselves a little rest and fell into a deep sleep, a snake crawled along the walls of the tower. He drank all the oil of the big lantern depriving it of the precious liquid that kept her on. The beacon was extinguished and a ship full of Ottoman marauders had no reference to land, and instead sacked Brindisi.

Region Notes

San Marzano, on the Salento Peninsula is situated close to the better-known town of Manduria, where Primitivo is at its most prestigious. This position in the middle of the Salento peninsula means it gets cooling sea winds from both the Adriatic sea to the east and the closer Ionian sea to the west. Deep red soil, interspersed with limestone contribute to lively acidity and minerality resulting in a freshness that makes them very enjoyable to drink. The extremely hot, dry summers means that the traditional bush vine system is better at surviving and thriving in the dry, sun-baked climate.

Technical Notes

Soil: medium texture, clay-limestone
Altitude:  100 metres above sea level
Training System:  Apulia sapling
Winemaking:   Cold pre-maceration for about 15 days at controlled temperature, malolactic. Fining in stainless steel.