MONTEMAJOR  Puglia, Italy

Montemajor is owned by renowned winemaker Mario Ercolino and his wife, Roberta Pirone. The winery itself is in Campania, but they have been carefully purchasing well-situated vineyards throughout Southern Italy with old vines and great potential. Mario Ercolino knows how to make good wines and it shows in Montemajor's products. His parents started the popular Feudi di San Gregorio, which Ercolino helped to propel to greatness. Ercolino is known for making wines with lots of fullness, clean fruit and plenty of finesse. He typically harvests his grapes 7 to 10 days later than usual to get extra maturity and intensity for his wines. As a result, these wines are being recognized by critics, notably leading Italian wine critic Luca Maroni.


Puglia, Italy

Puglia, Italy

Region & Vineyard Notes

San Marzano on the Salento Peninsula is situated close to the better-known town of Manduria, where Primitivo is at its most prestigious. This position in the middle of the Salento peninsula means it gets cooling sea winds from both the Adriatic sea to the east and the closer Ionian sea to the west. Deep red soil, interspersed with limestone contribute to lively acidity and minerality resulting in a freshness that makes them very enjoyable to drink. The extremely hot, dry summers means that the traditional bush vine system is better at surviving and thriving in the dry, sun-baked climate.