Cocktail essentials!

Not only does Nickel 9 make great spirits, but they also produce innovative house-made Bitters. These original flavour combinations are are sure to give your cocktails a little something extra.

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Case: 12x100ml
Region: Toronto, Ontario

Cedar Cherry Bark

Cedar Leaf and Wild Cherry Bark are used to create a woodsy flavor profile. Cassia Bark is used to add a finishing touch of Cinnamon.

Smoked Apple

Locally sourced Apples are Hickory Smoked to infuse all that smoky flavor. Cloves, Cinnamon Sticks and a hint of Fresh Lemon Peel among the other flavours which round out this full bodied bitter

Lavender Citrus

Lavender Flower leads the way accompanied by fresh citrus notes of Lemon and Orange rounded out with a hint of Ginger. A nice addition to a Gin and Tonic.

Rosemary Black Peppercorn

The savoury taste of fresh rosemary followed up with a spicy peppery finish of Black Peppercorns.

Sacred Earth

A earthy bitter consisting of a variety of Mushrooms including Chaga and Black Trumpet. Black and White Peppercorns are added for a peppery finish.