NICKEL 9 DISTILLERY  Northern Temple Vodka

Tasting Notes

Expertly crafted from 100% Ontario apples, it has aromas reminiscent of an orchard in full bloom. Crisp, dry and silky-smooth, it has a unique natural sweetness and notes of almond and vanilla. Though it doesn’t contain typical vodka ingredients Northern Temple still drinks like a vodka, but they’ve left some of the nose and body that comes with the apples. Gluten-sensitive drinkers will also appreciate that Northern Temple is free of the wheaty substance (and it’s GMO-free too).  

Distiller’s Notes

Juice from Algoma Orchards in Newcastle, Ontario is mixed with champagne yeast and sugar and fermented for a week before it’s distilled. 

Try Northern Temple with soda and a slice of citrus or a splash of grapefruit juice. It can be enjoyed in any cocktail, or appreciated on the rocks. 

CSPC +816968
Case: 8x750ml
Region: Toronto, Ontario
Alcohol: 40.0%

Nickel 9 Bitters

Nickel 9 Bitters