CSPC +788194
Region: Lacombe, Alberta
Alcohol: 47.0%

These hand-crafted spirits are made in small quantities, and are only available direct from the Distillery. Please contact us to make an inquiry!

Tasting Notes

A spice-forward culmination of nutmeg, clove, ginger, cinnamon, orange peel, vanilla, star anise, espresso, sarsaparilla, oak and smoke from barrel resting and some malted barley sweetness with a peppery juniper finish.

Distiller’s Comments

Moonshining was a lucrative enterprise during Alberta’s prohibition period. Territorial rivalries amongst “shiners” prompted some to add spices and flavours to create demand for their own brand. Local rum-runners would transport “tanglefoot” by rail in oak barrels, often issuing bribes or threats to ensure safe conveyance of these coveted spirits. This era is the inspiration behind our Barrel Spice Distilled Gin, respectfully crafted with period-specific botanicals and spices before being charred oak barrel rested.

This Gin is a completely unique but surprisingly versatile, adding a bold dimension to a simple Gin & Tonic, enjoyed on it’s own over ice or played with in boozy cocktails such as the Trapper’s Cabin. Visit our Cocktails page for recipes like the Trapper’s Cabin, our take on a Gin Old Fashioned. ” - Rob Gugin, Head Distiller