Pratello Sant'Emiliano Chiaretto Rosé

PRATELLO Sant'Emiliano Chiaretto

Tasting Notes

Rosé made from the first pressing of the red grape varieties of the Valtenesi DOC (Groppello, Marzemino, Barbera and Sangiovese). The color is a brilliant copper peach with aromas of almond blossom, golden apple and rosehips. Fresh flavours of orange and red berries with a hint of almonds. This is a dry style of Rosé that’s crisp, minerally and will pair well with shellfish, particularly raw oysters.

Chiaretto Valtenesi   \kee a REHT toh\  \vahl teh NAY see\

In the Valtenesi region of Lombardy (established as a DOC in 2011) on the shore of Lake Garda, rosé goes by the name Chiaretto, which translates to "little light one," referring to the lighter colour and body of these wines. The primary grape is Groppello \grohp PEHL loh\, a varietal that is native to the area. It is known for its bright acidity, lively tannins, and intense aromas of red cherry, violet, tobacco, and plenty of spices (marjoram, olive wood, and especially black pepper). The disciplinare requires only 50% Groppello in Valtènesi wines, leaving considerable room for experimentation and self-expression among winemakers. The usual accompaniments for Groppello include Sangiovese, Barbera, or Marzemino \mahrtz eh MEE noh\, another indigenous variety.

CSPC +779443
Vintage:  2017
Case:  6x750ml
Region:  Valtenesi DOC, Lombardy, Italy
Varietals:  Groppello, Marzemino, Barbera, Sangiovese
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Certified Organic

Certified Organic

Lombardy, Italy

Lombardy, Italy

Region & Vineyard Notes

The Lombardy region is considered a cool contiental climate, but is actually home to an impressive diversity of mesoclimates thanks to its proximity to the Central Alps in the north and the large lakes Como, Iseo, Maggiore and Garda. The Pratello Vineyards are located on the gentle south facing hills in the mictoclimate of Garda Lake, which acts as a thermal accumulator that is very important for the maturation of the grapes. The soils is moraine, which is a stony and very loose soil type with some clay, ideal for the cultivation of vines.

Technical Notes

Vineyards: morainic hills of Lake Garda
Soil: very loose and stony with clay
Altitude: 180 meters above sea level
Planting: 5000 vines per hectare
Harvest: by hand
Winemaking: 8 hours of cold maceration on the skins, fermentation at 16 ° C for 10 days. bottle: 2 months to rest  

Alcohol: 12.5
Residual Sugar: 5 mg/litre
PH: 3.30