Sea Cider Bramble Bubbly

SEA CIDER Bramble Bubbly

The mighty blackberry is a tenacious invader of Vancouver Island orchards, but a touch of its sun-soaked sweetness added to apple cider makes for a sinfully delicious blushing semi dry sparkling cider. Raise a glass of Sea Cider’s Bramble Bubbly, and celebrate Vancouver Island fruit at its best!

CSPC +751020
Glass Bottles: 12x750ml

CSPC +818430

Region: Saanich, Vancouver Island, B.C.
Varietal: Island apples & blackberries
Alcohol: 9.9%


The Story
Bramble Bubbly combines the best of Sea Cider apples and blackberries, the latter of which grow wild on Vancouver Island, including abundantly around our orchard. We gave up trying to beat the brambles and decided to embrace them by adding them to our favourite thing- cider! The native species, the Trailing Wild Blackberry, is a cousin of the Himalayan Blackberry, and is the only native blackberry species on Vancouver Island. It has been a traditional food source of First Nations people on the Island since time immemorial.

Bramble Bubbly is produced by milling then juicing Island apples, after which, champagne yeast is added to begin fermentation. Fermentation is done at cool temperatures to maximize the aromatics of the cider base. Thereafter, blackberries are crushed and the juice added to achieve a rosé colour and a hint of blackberry flavour.