Sea Cider Pippins


Pippins is a “sharp” style cider, thanks to the Yellow Newton Pippin apples we use and cool fermentation from champagne yeast. Off-dry and chapitalized to 9.5%, it is an example of a New England style of cider that was meant to be as strong and robust as North America’s pioneers. Pippins features pineapple and confectionary notes, and is incredibly food friendly.

CSPC +741080
Case: 12x750ml
Region: Saanich, Vancouver Island, B.C.
Varietal: Pippins
Alc: 9.5%
Suggested Retail Price $25


Silver Medal – 2016 GLINTCAP – New England Cider

Silver Medal – 2016 GLINTCAP – New England Cider

Pippins Apples

Greenish yellow in color, the variety of cider apple is very tart until it fully ripens.

The Story:

Pippins is a tribute to the pioneers that homesteaded on Vancouver Island and across North America. A “pippin” is an apple tree that grew from an errant seed (unlike most apple trees, which are propagated by grafting). Pippins cider reflects the story of how apple varieties developed during North America’s pioneering age, when many of the Old World varieties failed to thrive, but their seeds produced a generation of new varieties. The Yellow Newton Pippin is one such apple, and the main varietal in Sea Cider’s Pippins. This apple is high in both acid and sugar (important features in traditional North American cider varieties).  Pippins cider is made in the New England pre-Prohibition style, which means sharply acidic, but balanced with subtle sweetness, and high in alcohol thanks to chaptalization. Fermentation is undertaken at cool temperatures to preserve fruity aromas and to maintain the acidity. A dosage of organic cane sugar is added during fermentation to raise the level of alcohol (this was traditionally important to improve the shelf life of cider during the pioneering days).