SHERINGHAM DISTILLERY  Limited Edition Gift Pack

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CSPC +812019
Case: 6(3x100ml)
Region: Vancouver Island, B.C.
Alcohol: 43.0%

Vancouver Island, B.C.

Vancouver Island, B.C.

Taste the Latest from Sheringham

Just in time for Holiday Gifting! Sheringham is introducing their latest spirit, Kazuki Gin, as part of a special Limited Edition Gift Pack. Three 100ml bottles of Aromatic Spirits - Seaside Gin, Akvavit, and the just-released Asian inspired Kazuki Gin.

Seaside Gin has a soft complexity that calls citrus and a warm, distinct savory element that makes up the base of the gin. Really gorgeous on its own, you’re immediately hit by a refreshingly bright and sweet citrus, which follows through into a light floral delicate complexity that is rounded throughout with dense, savory grounding elements.

Kazuki Gin is something to behold with its unique flavours and polished, rounded edges. Soft citrus notes from Yuzu and Grapefruit, floral aspect from Japanese Cherry Blossoms and Green Tea flowers. Creamy texture with a delicate juniper and green tea finish. Featuring Canada’s only locally grown green tea leaves and flowers from Westholme Tea Farm in the Cowichan Valley. Created with respect and admiration of both cultures by distiller Jason MacIsaac.

Akvavit is a traditional Nordic spirit of tranquil unsung fortitude. Notes of dill, caraway, anise & citrus with a hint of the ocean from locally harvested winged kelp.

Distiller's Notes

Made from sustainable B.C. ingredients, including organic white wheat, B.C. malted barley, natural botanicals and sustainable hand-harvested local winged kelp (Alaria marginata).

Jason, the mastermind behind Seaside Gin, sees the ocean from a surfer’s point of view, and explains that kelp does something amazing to the waves that hit our southern island west coast shores – it cuts through the chop and smooths them out into a blissful ride. It was this vision he wanted to bring into his gin, the idea that using kelp does something special to the gin, balancing and smoothing it out into a truly versatile and unique indulgence.