YZAGUIRRE     Reserva White Vermouth

Tasting Notes

With a deep yellow colour, Yzaguirre Reserva White Vermouth is highly aromatic, velvety and pleasant on the palate, with woody, herby and spicy notes reminiscent of ripe fruit. Its initial flavor is very tasty and balanced, in perfect harmony with its acidity. Twelve months in oak barrels give it consistency and character.

Yzaguirre /yee sa goo-EE ray/

AB CSPC +819181
Case:  6x1000ml
Varietals: Macabao + 40 herbs and spices
Region:  Reus, Spain
Alcohol: 15%


Cognac, France

Cognac, France

Serving Tip

As an everyday aperitif or early evening drink. Excellent in a long drink with a few drops of Campari, 3 or 4 ice cubes, a slice of orange, a twist of orange peel and fresh mint leaves. Perfect for use in the kitchen to add another dimension to your dishes.

** Vermouth, like wine, will oxidize once opened and its flavors will change over time. It’s recommended to keep your vermouth in the refrigerator to slow the process and finishing the bottle within a month.

How Vermouth is Made

Both sweet (red) vermouth and dry (white) vermouth start with the same white grapes. Brandy or alcohol is added to fortify the wine, and botanicals are added to aromatize it.

  • Sweet vermouth, associated with Italy, gets its reddish tint from the addition of caramelized sugar, not from barrel aging, and is generally infused with warm spices.

  • Dry vermouth, associated with France, is flavoured with bright and bitter botanicals.

Yzaguirre vermouth starts with a white-wine base born from the natural fermentation of hand-picked, indigenous Macabeo grapes (also known as Viura) from surrounding vineyards. This base is then mixed with a secret aromatic extract, a product of hundreds of herbs and spices macerating for nearly half a year. The reserva is aged for 12 months in oak barrels.