JOSE GARCIA Unculin Doña Blanca

Tasting Notes

Complex nose, intensely aromatic. Fragrant bouquet of spring flowers, citrus and balsamic aromas. Round and creamy on the palate, with excellent depth and a long, refreshing finish. Reminiscent of classic Chablis, Unculín Blanco offers both satisfying fruit and chalky minerality in one enchanting package.

Doña Blanca  /DON ya  BLAHnka/

Translates to "White Lady." A white Spanish and Portuguese grape varietal that is used for making white port and some table wines in Galicia and Bierzo. The grapes have thick skins, which does well in the wet maritime climate, and a high perfume content.

Godello   /go DAY yo/

A forgotten star of the ‘70s, this grape is slowly re-emerging as Spain’s alternative to Chardonnay. Believed to be related to the Verdelho grape – commonly used for Aussie blends – Godello is easy drinking and versatile. Known for showing its terroir, this wine variety is a conversation starter and something to try when your go-to whites lose their novelty.

CSPC +790730
Vintage: 2015
Case: 6x750ml
Region: Bierzo, Spain
Varietal: 70% Doña Blanca, 30% Godello
Alcohol: 13%



(2016 Vintage)
"A generous and aromatic blend of Doña Blanca and Godello. The palate is fresh and long, spicy with white pepper notes and supple with a lovely texture. Altogether fascinating."


Winemaking Notes

Unculín Blanco comes from an organically-grown, family-owned, single vineyard called Hundiñias in the center of Valtuille de Abajo; planted with 60 to 100-year-old traditional bush vines

With an ancient genetic ancestry, this vineyard is known by elders in Bierzo for producing some of the best white wines of the region. A field blend of 70% Doña Blanco and 30% Godello grapes are handpicked, undergoing a spontaneous fermentation by natural, indigenous yeast in stainless steel and followed by eight months on the lees in stainless steel, with minimal intervention.

Technical Notes

Age of Vines: 60-100 years
Soil: clay and rock
Altitude: 550 - 625 m

Winemaking:  Manual harvest. Indigenous yeast. Spontaneous fermentation, One year in inox tank in contact with fine lees. No malolactic.

Production: 1,667 cases