SEA CIDER Ginger Perry (Limited Release)

Ginger Perry is the newest addition to the Sea Cider Barrel Series. As the name suggests, this series contains ciders that are influenced by oak aging and the addition of spirits, typically yielding ciders with higher ABV’s (12-14%) and oak notes.Expect zesty notes of ginger and juniper to mingle with a sweet and lively acidity from British Columbia Pear juice in a perfectly-balanced, semi-sweet union.

CSPC +795844
Case: 12x750ml
Region: Saanich, Vancouver Island, B.C.
Varietal: B.C. Cider Apples + Pears
Alc: 12%
Suggested Retail Price $20


The Story

 Ginger Perry is a special blend of fermented apple and pear juice, aged in American oak barrels from a nearby distillery on the Saanich Peninsula. Oak barrels have been used in cider making for centuries, imparting a variety of complex aromatics and flavours, depending on the oak being used. At Sea Cider we keep American oak barrels on-hand, which have been previously used for gin, rum, bourbon and sherry aging. Ginger Perry uses barrels that previously aged local gin.

To create Ginger Perry we ferment the highest grade of British Columbian apples and pears with champagne yeast in stainless steel tanks at cool temperatures. We then create our very own ginger and juniper bitters by soaking fresh cut ginger and juniper berries in cider eau de vie. The resulting eau de vie is blended with the dry base and sweetened with unfermented pear juice. The result is Sea Cider Ginger Perry!

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Effervescent, warm straw in colour, clear, bright

Aromas, flavours: Apple, ginger, gin botanicals (juniper)

Acid/sweetness: Lively acidity, semi-sweet

Mouthfeel: Crisp, sharp, lively

Suggested Food Pairings:

Ginger Perry pairs well with many different bold and spicy dishes. Don’t be scared to double up on the ginger and other spices with Szechuan style ginger chicken or ginger beef. With a healthy residual sugar and lively personality, Ginger Perry is a perfect match for the spicy, slightly sweet heat of Asian dishes. It’s all about the spice!