PIERRE DE SEGONZAC     Cognac VSOP Grand Champagne

The Ferrand family can trace its history as makers of Cognac in Segonzac, in the heart of the Grande Champagne area of Cognac, all the way back to 1702. In the 1970s, Pierre Ferrand created his own trademark and launched his label of Cognac. Today, Pierre's family is one of the few Cognac houses that are specialised in old Cognacs.  The Ferrand family are known as a traditional family of bouilleur de cru, which is a Cognac maker who distills only the juice of its own vineyard.

Cognac is the result of the blender's art. Pierre has been developing skills in the art of blending since he was a child, as those skills have been passed down from generation to generation. He says : "Cognacs varies from casks to casks according to age, storage conditions and countless other factors". The genius and skill of Pierre de Segonzac lies in the artful way he combines the various Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie so as to make the most subtle and harmonious blend.



Cognac, France

Cognac, France


The Region

Grand Champagne is a French district, called a Cru, known for producing the finest cognacs. At it's heart is the town of Segonzac. There are 6 Cru (subregions) of Cognac. Each is graded by the French government according to the quality of the cognac produced there. Grand Champagne is the Premier Cru, or the best region.

*Not to be confused with the region in France where Champagne is produced. The word "champagne" in French typically referred to "chalky," and the soil in Cognac's Grand Champagne and Petite Champagne is indeed chalky, taking on a grey, heathery appearance, lined with white chunks.