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COLLEFRISIO   Abruzzo, Italy

Third generation winemakers Amedeo De Luca and Antonio Patricelli joined forces in 2004 to fulfill a passion for the land and the vines of their forefathers. They acquired an existing hilltop estate once owned by the Frisio Family (Hence Collefrisio - Frisio hills) and set about creating a winery that embraces modernity while also honouring the long tradition of winemaking in the extraordinary terrain of Abruzzo. Located in the Chieti province, characterized by warm temperatures during the day and cool evenings. This area is well-known for the Montepulciano grapes which thrive in this climate. Three estates share a 35-hectare vineyard, and the grapes are organically grown in accordance with principles of organic farming, not to make organic wine, but to provide a gentle and non-invasive care to the integrity of the grapes. 

“Our idea of wine is home soil, healthy grapes and well cared for vines. These elements allow for the creation of a wine fully reflecting its local characteristics.”

Campania, Itally

Campania, Itally

Region & Vineyard Notes

The geographical makeup of Abruzzo is quite remarkable. A rugged, mountainous region with a lengthy coastline, abundant sunshine, generous rainfall and cool mountain air currents. Abruzzo is ideally situated between the Adriatic sea to the east, and the Apennines and Majella mountain ranges to the west – including Gran Sasso, one of Italy's highest peaks at more than 9500ft (2895m). Chieti is a hilly province in southern Abruzzi where 75% of the region's wine is produced.

The Collefrisio vineyards thrive in an ideal microclimate, between the majestic peaks of the Majella mountain range, and the sea breezes that come from the Costa dei Trabocchi. It is a territory that preserves evidence of pre-Roman civilization, dedicated to the cultivation of vine and wine. Amedo and Antonio want the story and traditions of this unique place to be shared with the world. Their wines are a modern interpretation their complex terrain - soils rich in clay and limestone, hot summers and cold winters, and unbelievable views of mountain peaks and the Mediterranean sea. Taste the tradition of Abruzzo!